I Love Cats - Facebook Page

There is nothing more exciting then to get your parents to say YES to getting a pet or keeping a kitten…It was a very exciting time for me.

“Mom, can I keep him please?” She told me he was my birthday present and I wouldn’t get anything else.

I didn’t care. I loved my cat Pictalee. I was so excited, I created many blogs, websites and even a Facebook page for him, it got popular, made it to 15 THOUSAND likes!

I was happy, he was happy, I love giving him little kisses, BIG kisses, sleeping by him, hearing his loud purrs and meows in the morning, seeing him flip onto his back and purr, he was such a cute beautiful cat, nothing could ever replace him, Pictalee and his brother Scarface. I did so much with them. Pages, websites, bragged, drew them, loved them.

One day, three years later, after our new cat Kakarot was taken in as a saved pet, Pictalee and Scarface went missing. We were heartbroken. They both had disappeared at the same time. I screamed in my living room on the floor for Pictalee, yelled his name for days and months. And he never returned. They both
never showed up. They were gone.

They are always going to be in my heart. I was so excited to be able to have four cats for awhile before they left. Wherever they went. No matter how much other cats you get, you will always become heartbroken again when you think of the pet you loved most out of every pet you had.

This is a story of sadness and grief for the loss of your loved four paws. You will miss them. You will cry for them. You will want them beside you when you’re having a bad day. But you know you’ll never see them again.

(I’m crying while writing this… This is a true story about my cats.)