D.J. Swykert is a very well known published author and a cat lover.

Nobody acquires a cat as their pet, a cat adopts you.

We moved into our downtown townhouse five years ago. The townhouse is a massive three story structure that sits alongside an alley and a parking lot. While unpacking and throwing out old boxes and wrapping I walked down the alley to our garbage cans. At the end of our private courtyard at the back of the building there is a wooden walkway that leads from the alley to the yard of the building behind ours.

As I tossed the refuse into the garbage receptacles I heard some mewing from the walkway. There were three tiny kittens about six weeks old standing on the wooden walk, two all black and one black, white and gray. What I didn’t see was a mother, or a food bowl.

I must not have gotten enough to eat at some point in my life, which is ridiculous, I came from good parents and an attentive mother who knew how to cook. But there’s a quirk in my personality, if I see an animal that’s hungry, whether it’s a cat, dog, raccoon or a possum, I will feed it. There was soon a food bowl, full of food, positioned on the walkway for the kittens, and the skinny undernourished mother that had now appeared.

This is how Mister, the gray and white tomcat, came into my life. He’s been a resident here ever since. I fed all three cats and the mother into adulthood. Unfortunately, of the four, only Mister still calls our townhouse his home. The other three cats, as feral cats do, have moved on. But he’s become a permanent fixture, even foregoes hunting mice some evenings and comes in and joins me on the couch watching television.

His favorite show is Nature on the PBS channel.