Korina is the founder of “Crazy Cat Lovers Community” in Facebook

As a child, my mother loved cats. We always had a few of them on hand. But, I didn’t think much of them until I landed in the 3rd grade and my dad bought my younger sister one. I was jealous and didn’t understand why I couldn’t have a kitten. I loved her kitten and she wouldn’t let me pet it or interact with it.

I was raised in an abusive home. My father was an alcoholic. I don’t know why he bought a kitten. He didn’t take very good care of it. I can recall that we didn’t have the kitten for very long. My dad would insist that it needed to stay outside. So, one day it followed us to school and after that, we never saw the kitten again. To this day, I don’t know what happened to it.

Over my lifetime, I have had several cats. Most of them not the friendly type. For this reason, for years, I had mixed feelings about cats. I had started thinking that no friendly cats existed. One day though, my husband found a long haired, black tuxedo kitten. We named her Sabrina. She is the most loving animal I have ever met and she especially loves my husband. She begs and meows for his attention and sleeps next to him at night. She is one of the affectionate kind, as some cats are.

We also have another cat. A female torti-tabby named Coa Coa that loves both my husband and myself. This cat has made me see how special they are, even the unfriendly ones. She also loves to fall asleep in my lap and she will try to stretch out on my legs, with little success. Plus, she’s a talker. She will have a conversation with anyone who will listen, especially when it’s involving lunch time.

Deep down, I have always had a special place in my heart for cats, even though I love dogs too. It just took Coa Coa to realize that in a remarkable way.